Unboxing a Ring Video Camera

Just bought a Ring video camera.  It’s a great product, but what I’m really impressed with is their attention to detail in the unboxing and startup process.  Here’s detailed photos of each step in the process.

First, the box itself:

The box slides out of a nicely designed sleeve.  At the bottom is a pull tab.  When you pull the tab, you see a blue folder with another pull tab:

Removing the blue folder reveals this:

The blue packet contains four items:  from top left, clockwise they are:

  • A getting started manual (which I never used because the app is so good)
  • A “Protected by Ring” window sticker
  • Pitch to sign up for monthly monitoring and storage service
  • Description of Ring app with QR code to be scanned from the app

Once you install the app and scan the QR code, it takes you through each step in the process.  Very clear, simple directions.


There are two items left in the box:  the camera and another box marked Installation Tools:


The installation tools box has all the hardware you’d need to mount the camera inside or outside on any surface.  They even include the right size drill bit and a screwdriver with an interchangeable head for both types of screws in the kit.

All that’s left in the box is an outdoor power supply and cable:          


What’s distinctive about the Ring process is:

  • Great packaging that showcases the product well
  • Wonderful integration between the physical packaging and the app
  • Easy installation of a physical product
  • Gentle but effective upselling to a monthly service
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