General Guidelines for Creativity

Creativity requires discipline. A few guidelines to help your creative process flow more smoothly:

  • Make sure you understand the challenge first – have you done your anthropology homework? Do you understand your users’ needs? Are you sure you’re solving the right problem?
  • Plan ahead – what techniques will you use to generate the most ideas possible? Who will facilitate the process?
  • Get a diverse set of skills involved, both to increase your understanding of the problem and to generate as wide a range of ideas as possible.
  • Set rules and follow them (see reverse).
  • Decompose the problem by user needs, functions, or activity profile, then solve the critical subproblems.
  • Go for quantity – to get a great idea, first get lots of ideas.
  • Move quickly to prototype testing – express your ideas in tangible form, and test them as soon as possible. Iterate rapidly between idea generation, prototyping, and testing.

More Techniques

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